The Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation (TBBCF) is a local, non-profit group committed to fighting breast cancer by directing 100% of gross fundraising dollars directly to breast cancer research. Administrative costs are either sponsor-supported or volunteer provided.  The Foundation was established in 2006 by two friends, Norma Logan (1958-2006) and Sandy Maniscalco, who realized the need for a new kind of fundraising organization. After a two-year battle with breast cancer, our namesake, Terri Brodeur succumbed to the disease in 2005, as did Norma Logan six months later.

Since 2006, 27 scientists have been awarded $2.7M in grants, resulting in 54 years of breast cancer research!

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Congratulations to the 2014 TBBCF Research Grant Recipients

After reviewing dozens of grant proposals, our TBBCF Scientific Advisory Committee has awarded fellowships to the following top 2014 researchers.

2014 grants
Click here to read the project summaries and biographies for the 2014 grant recipients.